Worthwhile reading

I was updating my blogroll with new links when I realised that I had never actually made a post about them in the first place. You can see them along the side of this blog and it’s a collection of some of the sites that I follow. I’ve excluded news sites so these are usually blogs of individuals or small groups.

3 Quarks Daily
This is the closes to a news site of all of them but it’s not news. It shares a wide variety of posts from all over the internet, including some original pieces, covering science, art, philosophy and politics. chances are there will always be some content of interest here.

Against the New Taboo & The Indelible Stamp
Both of the above are by Tauriq Moosa, a philosophy student and fellow South African. As I recall I first found some of his writings on 3 Quarks Daily where he dealt with highly controversial topics such as incest, necrophilia and child pornography. I generally enjoy reading his posts which bring up some good points and are a wonderful contrast to how people usually jump to conclusions on such matters. He seems to have moved away from those a little, though I suppose there are only so many available for discussion. I intended to share this piece that he wrote on the same day as my own piece about privacy and security because it shares a good link but I kept forgetting.

Not Exactly Rocket Science
This is by science writer Ed Yong and is very well-written and, again, covers many different topics. Some are less interesting than others but it’s updated regularly and has a weekly post with links to all sorts of interesting sites.

This is one of the sites I’ve been watching the longest. It’s mostly a mix between posts related to atheism and evolutionary biology but now with quite a few about feminism. It’s perhaps one of the links I’m least impressed with at the moment as it’s got a very confrontational tone and, while I’m all for equality, I don’t think his way of advancing feminism is particularly constructive. Some of his posts are excellent though, such as this take-down of a creationist misinterpretation of a paper.

One of my newer sources, this is by a Canadian biochemist. It’s very focussed on science and has been particularly informative with regards to ENCODE and junk DNA.

Science-Based Medicine
This is written by a group of doctors, pharmacists, surgeons and so forth. Naturally the focus is on medical matters but with a view to how scientific they are and whether there is evidence to support various “alternative” treatments.

This is also by a South Africa, Jacques Rousseau, and deals with critical thinking, religion and South African politics.

Why Evolution is True
This is Jerry Coyne’s website, named after one of his books, and deals primarily with religion and evolution. It’s possibly my favourite of this list and I nearly always agree with his view. Plus, I can’t help but enjoy reading a professor who uses lolspeak from time to time and posts pictures of cats. 🙂


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