RIP Whitenose

Close up (with my sister in the background)

Today I lost a very close friend, my cat, Whitenose. We’d been together for between 16 and 17 years, more than half my life and all of hers. She, along with her brother(s? I can’t remember one of them.) and sisters, were born in my room when I was younger, on a stuffed panda on my spare bed. We spent a lot of time together and for a couple of years she would sleep on my bed and greatly distract from my reading by nuzzling against the book and licking my hands.

In a house

I have no idea what her father was like but she looked almost nothing like her mother or siblings, being almost the only one with short fur and almost perfect contrast between black and white sections. In her prime she was definitely the best looking in her family. She also had weird golden flecks in her eyes, something her mother also has, and a short tail, a feature that almost none of them got right.

Pretending to be a vampire

She was probably the best hunter when she was young and was the most eager to play with a piece of string. When she did it was amazing how fast she was and how she could move just her front half. Even when playful she was careful and there was very little risk of her scratching if you needed to unhook the string. One fun game with her was the quickly and repeatedly stroke her body and go past her face. She would try to lick you and, after she got frustrated, would suddenly grab your hand and pull it close and bite. Her bites were never strong enough to hurt, though her claws would occasionally prick, but she soon let go with her mouth and would lick your hand. She didn’t always let your hand leave though.

Playing cards

Growing up together was certainly fun for me and my sister, though looking back it must’ve been tough on our cats. However we grew incredibly close so I think we were forgiven for whatever we did and, when older, she would often run into my parents room, if I went there, and then jump onto the bed and wait for me to join her. Of course cats are more prepared to lie around all day than people are and she was not always happy when I had to go. Yesterday, it was obvious she wasn’t going to last much longer and that evening I took her to the couch and lay there with her as I finished a book, just like we used to.

With her mother and sister

I’ll never forget her and all the joy she brought me.
Requiescat in pace.

Close up 2


5 thoughts on “RIP Whitenose

  1. Thank you. Hope the other cats don’t get too depressed. Her sister seems to just be curling up in one spot all day now. Probably didn’t help that the rest of my family went away for the long weekend now.

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