Congratulations Angelika Czedik-Eysenberg

This is a very positive post where I can congratulate my friend and co-worker Angelika Czedik-Eysenberg for being one of five female scientists in Austria to receive a L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science fellowship!

The For Women in Science programme was started to support and encourage women in science. Due to a variety of factors, women are not currently well-represented in science and tend to leave science. This programme allows them a better chance to build a career in science and provides role models for future women scientists.

It is a great achievement for Angelika to have been selected out of all the applicants for the fellowship. She is now in the same group that includes a scientist at my previous university, Jill Farrant (0:54 in the above video), who received the L’Oréal-UNESCO award in 2012 and who gave a talk at the Gregor Mendel Institute (GMI) last year. She is also considered one of the most visible scientists in South Africa. Very good company to be in indeed!

Angelika’s research is, like mine, in the field of plant pathogens and the award is focused on her work in developing a new phenotyping system called the Phenobox. In our lab, we use it to identify plants with fungal infections before the development of obvious symptoms although it had much broader applications. At the moment that paper is in review but it is briefly described here and in the video below. Unfortunately, both of those are in German although you can get a brief teaser of her work in the press release from the GMI. Once the work is published, I will be sure to share it here too.


Once again, congratulation Angelika! We look forward to the publication of the PhenoBox and all your future discoveries!


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