No right to not be offended

Just sharing a link today about a Muslim student asking an atheist society not to show Mohammed in a bar. The student sent a message to the society saying:

As a Muslim, I find it highly inappropriate for there to be a depiction of Muhammad. As a human, I think it’s really quite insensitive and outright rude to have a picture of Muhammad holding a beer, when alcohol is strictly forbidden in Islam.

As the blog explains, there is no reason for a non-Muslim to abide by any Islamic rules, in this case those recommending against pictures of Mohammed, nor is there any obligation on anyone to not offend someone else. This often happens with religious people crying offence over criticism or mocking of their religion but they seem to forget that tolerance of differing views is necessary in society and something that people who do not share their views have to practice. As an atheist, I find it offensive to be told that god created the world or life and that he will judge me in death. I am offended by such ideas but I do not ask the religious to be silent, just to let me say my piece as well.

Edit: The story has also been covered by PZ Meyers, who makes the same point, that the religious do not worry about causing offence to non-believers, although he made a few minor errors.


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