Feminism and equality

I’m all for equality. As Trivium declares, rather strongly:

Equality for every race, sex, sexuality,
And every choice to live our lives,
And to you bigot cretin, ignoramus,
Mind your own god-damn, fucking business

Therefore I tentatively support feminism. I say tentatively because, at times, it seems to move from promoting the equality of women to becoming anti-male and, at times, dangerously irrational. I do have a few recent examples about where I think feminism has moved away from equality and where I can no longer support it. Continue reading

Ooh, something close to home

A lot of what I read concerns people I’ve only ever heard of, probably because a lot of what I read is from overseas, but it’s interesting when that world and my own combine. This happened in the past few days when a post on Pharyngula mentioned Professor Ed Rybicki. Continue reading