Heritage Day weekend trip

A sculpture at the entrance to Marlow Agricultural School

This weekend was a long weekend as Monday was a public holiday (Heritage Day) and I, along with the rest of my nuclear family, spent it at Marlow Agricultural School, a short way from Craddock, with my aunt and uncle on my father’s side. It was rather nice as we tend to only see them every few years. Continue reading


Animal Intelligence

In my recent post on plant ethics I said that animals were of ethical concern because we have good reasons to believe that, like us, they are capable of thinking and feeling and so are able to suffer. In this post I want to share some of those reasons and hopefully convince you, if you aren’t already convinced, that animals are far more than just unthinking, unfeeling machines. Since we are so closely related to other primates I’m going to ignore those examples and rather focus on two other animal groups, dolphins and corvids (ravens and crows). Continue reading