International Fetish Day essay

BDSM SymbolThis year, the 20th of January was the fourth International Fetish Day, building off the 2008 National Fetish Day in the UK. The purpose is both to raise awareness and support for the BDSM community and create opposition to laws concerning extreme pornography. I’m mostly going to focus on the laws as it shows what I’d consider governments going to far, i.e. attempting to regulate people’s private lives. Continue reading


International Fetish Day

Happy International Fetish Day.

I do have something to say about this but I haven’t written the post yet and, since it’s my aunt’s birthday and I’ve been drinking, I don’t think I’ll be in the right condition to compose anything today. This is mostly then to say this will be the focus of my next post. I realise this week has been quite focused on sexuality but hopefully I’ll find an interesting science story soon as well or my letter to a local newspaper will be accepted and I will post it here. Or I might just use it as the base for a new religion-based piece.