Feminism and equality

I’m all for equality. As Trivium declares, rather strongly:

Equality for every race, sex, sexuality,
And every choice to live our lives,
And to you bigot cretin, ignoramus,
Mind your own god-damn, fucking business

Therefore I tentatively support feminism. I say tentatively because, at times, it seems to move from promoting the equality of women to becoming anti-male and, at times, dangerously irrational. I do have a few recent examples about where I think feminism has moved away from equality and where I can no longer support it. Continue reading


Evidence is not optional in medicine

July 2013 SAMJ (Source: http://www.samj.org.za)

On Thursday I attended a lecture given by my dad to a cardiac support group on the topic of evidence-based medicine (EBM). It was really good, even though I don’t think he’s given a lecture for over 20 years. While he was preparing I gave him a few resources to help out, such as Trick or Treatment: Alternative Medicine on Trial and one or two papers and blogs that I stumbled upon that looked relevant. One of the papers I sent him was Evidence-based medicine – are we boiling the frog? which is in the latest issue of the South African Medical Journal. It’s only two pages long and open-access so it’s worth reading. It’s one of those interesting times when you agree with everything the person says but then differ on the conclusion. In this case the author’s conclusion is that EBM is important but not necessarily a reflection of the truth. Continue reading

Rhinos need evidence-based thinking

Late last year the Western black rhinoceros was declared extinct in West Africa. This year South Africa, home to up to 80% of the world’s rhino population, has had to deal with incredibly high levels of poaching. They are being killed for their horn, even by the very people that are meant to protect them, which sells for an astronomical amount. If the trade on rhino horn was lifted South Africa would be sitting on a stockpile worth R10 billion! Continue reading