Why the hate for foreigners?

I know of some possible explanations, such as they take our jobs, their culture clashes with ours or even just that they’re different and that makes us uncomfortable, but they don’t really sound very convincing. I read the news and get very depressed when I see the amount of racism and xenophobia that is out there and the way people react to it. Last week I read an article, and then followed a link to another one, describing South Africans’ attitudes to foreigners. The results were not encouraging.

The older survey, also a News24 article with a misleading headline, claims “Survey: Most okay with foreign spaza shops.” Despite what it suggests it’s wrong. It actually says 46% of South Africans are okay with foreigners having spaza shops, 44% are against it and 10% are undecided. 46% is more than 44% but it’s not “most” and it’s depressingly low for such a simple question. Continue reading