Medicine vs alternative medicine in South Africa

One of my recent posts mentioned those people that want to give more recognition to traditional healers; something I think would be a terrible mistake. I’m somewhat buoyed by hearing that the Health Products Association of SA (HPSA), a rather misleading name since they produce alternative medicines, is suing the minister of health, Aaron Motsoaledi, over coming regulations. It means that the department of health is doing the right thing. The regulations would require even alternative medicines to show that they are both safe and beneficial. Continue reading


When sick, use medicine

When you’re sick, or, more importantly, when your children are sick, use medicine. Do not use homeopathy, acupuncture, reiki, prayers or any other fraudulent practice. They do not work! They have all been tested and the evidence shows that they are nothing more than placebos and it is irresponsible to let someone die because you would rather pray for them than take them to see a doctor to get medicine that has gone through trials to test it’s efficacy. This has happened before and the parents have been charged, and found guilty of neglect and child abuse. I can only hope it happens again.