2023 Book List

It’s, again, only March when I am writing my first blog post about reading for the year, does that mean I’ve been doing a bad job? Surprisingly, no!

The Count of Monte Cristo (1844-1846) by Alexandre Dumas

While I have only read one book so far, it is The Count of Monte Cristo, which, coming in at just over 1000 pages is easily as long as 3-4 regular books. Given the length, I will discuss the book in a bit more detail than normal.

The Count of Monte Cristo was originally published in French and in serialised form from 1844 to 1846. Since I do not know French, I got an English version which appears to be the anonymous 1846 translation. While I can not comment on the French writing (A French colleague of mine tells me that it’s good.), I can say that I really liked the way that this translation is written. You can tell that it’s an older style but, apart from a few sentences, it’s still really easy to read.

As a slight digression, I couldn’t help noticing I’ve read many great books which were originally written in French, but not so many from other languages. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence.

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