Photos from Prague

I’m ashamed at how little I have written this year, even though I have had several ideas for blog posts. To help assuage some of my guilt, I will share a few photographs I have taken.

I’m rather lucky to be living near the Krč forest where I can, regularly, go walking. At the beginning of the year it was still winter and most of the trees were bare.

Near one of the entrances to the forest is a (very) small zoo with some deer in it.

There are also some small ruins inside the forest. There is a staircase which used to climb the side of a hill and had benches along the side. It’s very odd because it was a huge set of concrete stairs in the middle of the forest with absolutely nothing of note around them. According to this website (In Czech but I used Google Translate), the stairs were likely completed in 1936 or 1937 but destroyed during the Prague Uprising at the end of WWII.

The really crazy thing is that the motivation for building the stairs might have been purely for giving unemployed people something to do! You can’t just support people, you have to make them do something for it, even if what they do is completely pointless. (That was sarcasm; because I know there are certain businessmen, politicians and economists that would not get that.) But I digress.

This how the staircase looked just after it was completed.

Historical photo from 1937 of Benedikt Šarda’s family in the Krč forest.

And here’s how it looks today.

The stairs in 2022.

There’s also the ruin of Nový Hrad (New Castle). This is much older than the staircase with construction having started in 1411! The castle was sacked many centuries ago and never repaired. There’s little more than the foundation left now. It would be disappointing if it were a fee, however, it’s completely free to visit and I wanted to walk in the forest anyway.

The foundations of Nový Hrad.

As we moved into spring, the weather warmed up and the plants began to put out new leaves. You can see that now the forest looks completely different.

I also have this picture of some really cool looking bark. I do not know much about identifying trees in the field, unfortunately, and it’s perhaps something I should work on. However, I am, at least, happy to say that I am not alone in this failing. From a couple of quick web searches, it seems like sycamore trees have this sort of bark.

Bark with beautiful patterns.

I will finish up with some more spring images. First, a rather pretty pink tree which I encountered on campus. It may be a cherry plum tree but I’d have to look closer to really know.

And lastly, a tree which I had the distinct misfortune to walk past every day as I travelled between work and home. The unfortunate part was that it was releasing so much pollen that it created a cloud of fluff that floated through the air. When it eventually settled, it coated the ground so much that it almost looked like snow! I’m guessing it is some sort of populus tree.

Hopefully you found these pictures interesting and I shall endeavour to deliver a more substantial blog post in the future.


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