Photos: New plants in the burned field

This is a short follow up to my previous post on the role of fire in the environment. I went back to the field about a month after the previous visit and after some good rainfall. While there had previously been only grasses where the field was burned, during this latest visit I saw a large variety of different plants had emerged.

This is how the unburned parts of the field looked during the latest visit. While there were a few sections of green growth, the majority was still yellow, dry and dead.

But, in contrast, the areas which had been burned were diverse and green.

I have heard that approximately 60 different plant species have been identified growing in the field. Unfortunately, I can not tell you the names of the different plants in the photos here, but I am sharing them to give you an idea of what is able to grow after the fire has cleared away the previous vegetation.

If anyone does know the names of the plants pictured here, put it in a comment and I will update the post with the new information.


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