Reading Update

At the beginning of this month I was able to spend the whole week at a furry convention. In addition to seeing old friends, meeting some great new people, hiking and other fun things… I managed to get in some reading! So time to update my book list 2017.

Tough Sh*t (2012) by Kevin Smith


Tough Sh*t by Kevin Smith

This one was lent to me for the duration of the convention by one of the other attendees because he said it was funny and that I might enjoy it. It seemed like a bit of a leap but it was well written and quite amusing. As the autobiography of a director (and not one I’d heard of) it was certainly not something I would normally read. I’d heard of some of the films and actors that feature in it but there were few that I’d seen or had any familiarity with. Despite that, it was engaging enough even as an outsider.

There’s no point in recounting his life story here but I can share some of the messages that he emphasises at various points in the book. He warns that being original and unique means you will have to sacrifice the safety of a traditional life. He uses Wayne Gretzky quite often, both to illustrate the importance of assisting others to achieve their goals and to plan for what will happen instead of just reacting to what has happened. Perhaps the most useful bit of advice is to not just wish for something but to do it. If you want to write a book, just starting writing it. If you want to make a film, you have a phone which can film. If you don’t actually do it, time will just tick away and nothing will change.

Tough Sh*t is filled with entertaining anecdotes and genuinely good lessons. It has emotional depth too. I laughed at many parts and I teared up at some too. It’s a good book. It’s a crass book but it’s good. If you are a fan of films or, especially, a fan of Kevin Smith then you should absolutely read it. If you’re not but you’re looking for something to read, it’s not a bad choice.

Daring Do and the Marked Thief of Marapore (2014) by A. K. Yearling (G. M. Berrow)


Daring Do and the Marked Thief of Marapore by A. K. Yearling

This is similar to the other Daring Do book in that it has its good points but usually fails to deliver well and build up the world. Still, it’s enjoyable and this one perhaps has more action than the previous one I read. One nice thing is that it has a proper antagonist, although it is still neither Caballeron or Ahuizotl. For children or MLP:FiM fans only.


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