Things to consider when using social media

I’ve really been neglected this site lately. I’m now longer busy at university, and will be graduating next week, but the biggest distraction has been Dota 2. I’d been hearing about it for years and finally got access. It’s a lot like the original and while some aspects are undeniably better (controls) others leave a bit to be desired (match set up) and a few things are just strange (non-game items). But this post isn’t about Dota, I want to draw people’s attention to two interesting videos on Youtube.

It’s very easy to learn all about people using social media. Each thing one learns makes it easier to find the next. I strongly recommend reading this story of someone who hired people to investigate him and see what they did. Obviously it’s not possible to protect against all possible attacks, nor are they necessarily likely, but it is good to at least be aware of them.

After the NSA revelations, the privacy and security of your data should be constantly in your mind. I know the NSA is monitoring virtual worlds but I still play Dota 2. It does mean that if you do play, you should at least keep in mind that you may be being watched. While companies are making efforts to protect users (Yahoo!, Twitter and Microsoft are all stepping up their encryption), even their best efforts will not work if you don’t keep yourself secure.


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