Just a little Apple bashing

This is a follow-up from an earlier post where I was shocked how people seemed to act like Apple was some sort of saint after it won a court case against Samsung. It’s certainly an impressive company and it has some good accomplishments but it’s not as special as people think. For one I tried to wirelessly transfer data from an Android phone to an iPad only to find the iPad will only communicate with other Apple devices. Isn’t that nice? It seems like other people might have grown tired of it’s quirks too as it’s stocks have recently taken quite a dip. Or maybe they’re up again, stocks can change quickly. Still I do find it amusing how they’re doing in court cases around the world.

I mentioned three confrontations between Samsung and Apple in my other post, with each company winning one and drawing the third. Now I can add a fourth, more humiliating, one. Not only has Apple lost to Samsung, claiming it ripped off the iPad design, but they were forced to apologise for saying that on their website. They did so but the judge decided it wasn’t enough and has ordered them to apologise again!

Things aren’t going too well against the other cellphone producers either. In Mexico they lost, for the third time, an attempt to stop the telecommunications company iFone from using it’s name. It sounds exactly like iPhone but the Mexican company registered their name years before Apple registered iPhone. They can still sell iPhones but might have to pay the company part of their profit. They also had their case against Motorola dismissed but made peace with HTC by forming a 10 year agreement.

Apple has lost money when it was forced to pay $21 million to a Swiss rail company for using their famous clock without permission and a further $368 million to VirnetX for patent infringement relating to Facetime. All that money is probably just a drop in Apple’s earnings but it is satisfying in that it’s showing that they are not as clean as their designs. They might be able to get up after this stumble but probably not if they don’t come up with something new. Take a look at the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. They all sound, look and act practically identically.


2 thoughts on “Just a little Apple bashing

  1. “For one I tried to wirelessly transfer data from an Android phone to an iPad only to find the iPad will only communicate with other Apple devices.” So this is an Apple thing. It’s not that the Android is not working but it’s the apple.. lol. So 2x Apple Devices can talk as is 2x Android devices with the bump. But if an Android device and an Apple cannot talk it’s automatically the apples fault. You need to go back to Blogger school. Who’s to take you seriously when you’re already Bias before you type.

  2. I suppose that would be an accurate interpretation of what I gave you. I should probably also have mentioned that it’s easy to transfer files from Android to non-Apple, non-Android phones. For example after the failure to transfer to the iPad I did send the same file to my aunt’s Nokia. Communication between Android phones and feature phones still works normally, once you have a bluetooth connection all you do is select the file, say transfer by bluetooth and the other phone clicks accept. Apple will allow the bluetooth connection but it won’t allow the file transfer unless you install extra apps.

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