Updates and Quick Links

I do have plans for a proper post soon but I was hoping to receive an email in connection with it. In the meantime here are a few little things to keep you occupied.

In August I described the violence in Burma that left 90 people dead and forced a further 100 000 from their homes. A few days ago I noticed the country was back in the news with another 22 000, mostly Muslims, displaced in fresh violence.

I’m a huge fan of Richard Dawkins but whether you are or aren’t I recommend watching his new series Sex, Death And The Meaning Of Life (Episode 1, episode 2). It’s attempt to explain what a non-religious world might look like. Many people claim that atheists want to remove religion but have nothing to replace it with, which is a silly argument, but this should go a little way in explaining it and addressing whether religion really benefits society. So far I’ve only watched episode 1.

Lastly the South African census 2011 results have been released. That might be interesting to look at, especially when after listening to politicians. For example a few months ago the ANCYL marched in Cape Town with some ridiculous demands and complaining about poor service delivery. Now we can look at their complaints. When we do we see that the Western Cape does have more informal settlements than average and the lowest percentage of people enrolled at school although that can probably be explained by the growth in the population, almost certainly as people move from other provinces to the Western Cape . If we look at other essentially services, like tap water and electricity, we see that the Western Cape has the highest level of service delivery. It’s also not doing particularly badly with respect to plumbing. I doubt that those sort of discoveries will lead to any apology from the ANCYL though.


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