Remember when we talked about violence?

It wasn’t that long ago. I complained about the violence in the country, particularly in strikes, and now I’m seeing something even worse. I’m not talking about when the striking miners later threatened to kill the management, although that’s still unacceptable. Maybe we can at least hope in the future we will be a more peaceful and reasonable people. I kinda hoped that until I heard about six Grade 1 pupils (between six and eight years old) who beat a boy so badly that he had to go to hospital.

What had he done that was so terrible? He’d told the teacher, as asked, who had been making a noise when the teacher was out. That’s it. He said who were breaking the rules and got beaten up for it. Luckily there’s a caring principal at that school who commented, “You know how boys like playing rough and the other one kicked him.” Really? Sending a kid to hospital after attacking him during class is playing rough? No! That’s just assault.

Looking at some linked articles when I was reading those stories I found that 29 schoolkids were stabbed at school just in the Western Cape in the first half of the year. In Kwa-Zulu Natal a quarter of children had a positive opinion of violence. It seems like there’s refuge in the future and perhaps things are just going to get worse. Frankly this week my thoughts of there being a future in this country have dropped considerably.


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