If you disagree with the the ‘divine’ position then you should leave that religion

If you’re a Catholic you need to accept that the Vatican and the Pope control the church’s official position on matters. These decisions are supposedly inspired by god and are not up for debate.

The Pope has recently spoken out against calls for female priests. If you are a Catholic that wants to see equality you need to accept that you are in opposition to your religion. Either, as Catholics are supposed to believe, the Pope is infallible or you are not truly Catholic because you do not believe what is required of you. If you don’t believe then you need to stop calling yourself Catholic just because of tradition or loyalty to the idea.

The Catholic church also has outdated views on homosexuality. If you support equal rights or a god that loves everyone regardless of who they sleep with then you also need to leave a church of hate. Your idea of god and what he wants is not compatible with the religion that you claim to follow. In New York a church council member quit the junior board of Catholic charities in response to it’s attitude towards homosexuality. That’s a start but he’s quitting in response to a cardinal following the church’s teachings. Those teachings are not new and shouldn’t come as news to him. If he truly disagrees with them then he is disagreeing with a foundational principle of his religion and he should leave.

By staying with these organisations whose values contradict yours you are lending support and power to their messages of hate. You need to stand up for what you believe and distance yourself from those views. It’s one thing to say your opinion differs with others in your company or family but it doesn’t work when you disagree with your religious leaders who, according to your religion, are guided by the god.


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