Free Speech Debate Project

Following two 3 Quarks Daily links led me to find the Free Speech Debate project. It’s supported by the University of Oxford but is essentially a global project. It contains two draft principles of free speech and allows people all over the world to vote whether they agree on them or not. I strongly recommend everyone visits, reads the 10 principles and votes. Continue reading


Alice in Wonderland

I kinda like reading classics. After-all they’re classics so they must have had a certain standard and have influenced people long after they were published. I’ve managed to read a couple both when I was in high school and more recently. I’ve done White Fang, Call of the Wild, On the Origin of the Species, 20 000 leagues under the sea, Winnie the Pooh and so on. I’ve also got others in my reading queue like Gone with the Wind and Robinson Crusoe. I’m actually about half-way through Robinson Crusoe, and have been for the last few years. It might be a classic but it’s really hard reading. Continue reading

I am…

About four years ago I came across a series of lines starting with “I am” (and two with “we are”) and the request for them to be shared. I thought they were something worth keeping in mind and I printed them out and kept them on my wall. Today I’ve taken the page down and so I’m sharing them on here for everyone else to read. Read them, share them and do your part to stop the hatred. Continue reading


When I was doing my honours degree, our head of department advised us to get a programme called Mendeley to help us with referencing. I did, and found it was a great little programme. I haven’t used it in ages though but, since I’m starting my masters now and I’m sure I’ll have a meed for it, I’ve come back to it and decided to recommend it to anyone that needs a referencing programme. Continue reading

Apparently I need a lesson in respect

I noticed today in the Claremont/Rondebosch People’s Post there is a letter that singles me out by name. It’s on page 12 and, surprisingly, is available online. It’s not a great interface and I don’t think it will be there after a week so I’m including the full text below.

Thanks, Farieda and Karima. Atheists like Red Bull and Jason Bosch need lessons in respect from Muslims, Jews and Christians alike. Our faiths created science, Jason. “The fool says in his heart: ‘There is no God.'” Einstein, Kepler, Newton, Arab mathematicians and astronomers were not fools, Jason.

Continue reading

If you disagree with the the ‘divine’ position then you should leave that religion

If you’re a Catholic you need to accept that the Vatican and the Pope control the church’s official position on matters. These decisions are supposedly inspired by god and are not up for debate.

The Pope has recently spoken out against calls for female priests. If you are a Catholic that wants to see equality you need to accept that you are in opposition to your religion. Either, as Catholics are supposed to believe, the Pope is infallible or you are not truly Catholic because you do not believe what is required of you. If you don’t believe then you need to stop calling yourself Catholic just because of tradition or loyalty to the idea. Continue reading