Takes a lot to kill a European

At least it takes a lot to kill a European in a car. Let’s say we wanted to kill one by starvation. We could always trap a man in a car, at -30°C and leave him there for two months without food or water. Turns out that happened, not deliberately, to a man in Sweden and he managed to survive! No water will kill you in a few days but this man was able to drink melted snow. Generally you can last about four weeks without food but in this case doctors think the man went into something resembling hibernation. I’m pretty sure the cold, which would slow his metabolism, probably helped too.

If a slow death won’t work let’s do something extreme. Let’s go the cartoon route and drop a 20 tonne boulder on a car. That happened to a man in France and somehow he survived as well! Obviously he suffered severe injuries but he did survive being flattened by a massive rock and that’s not something one would expect.

The moral of the story is, if you want to kill a European, wait until he gets out of the car.


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