Islam detests sex and women’s bodies

It’s not really a secret that religions often have warped views of sex, generally that it is a terrible, disgusting act that people should do purely for procreative reasons. This obsession with sex appears to have reached the climax of irrationality in the Islamic world (pun intended). In the past week not only have we been warned that “letting women drive would increase prostitution, pornography, homosexuality and divorce” but that women need to be prevented from contact with certain vegetables, namely bananas, carrots, cucumbers and zucchinis, because they “resemble the male penis.”

On a related note you can fight back against these sort of warped attitudes by submitting a photo for a nude calender in support of Aliaa Magda Elmahdy. Aliaa and her boyfriend are both facing legal action from the Coalition of Islamic Law Graduates for “violating morals, inciting indecency and insulting Islam” after she posted a nude photograph of herself on her blog to show her “screams against a society of violence, racism, sexism, sexual harassment and hypocrisy.”


3 thoughts on “Islam detests sex and women’s bodies

  1. I have came across this story many times years ago and I think that the first thing you will think about when you read it, is that you want to verify where this is coming from.

    This piece is based on an article written on 13th of April 2008 by “Ahmad Abu Matar”, a Palestinian writer (google him if interested in more), where he was talking about what muslims are going through. The actual text of the full article in Arabic can be found here:

    As you will see in the original post it was a personal experience shared by the actual writer of a bigger article. What actually happened is that he heard the “Imam” in one of these mosques saying that. He was not really a Muslim cleric/scholar and this “fatwa” was never published nor said in public. What happened is that because of how amusing it is, for years now it has been circulating around to laugh at rather than a piece of legit news but it just surfaced again after three years when it was translated into English.

    These ideas and maybe even worse do come out from Muslim clerics and scholars and I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them did say that. But I just really care about making things right.

  2. Thank you for giving me more on this (The comment that women need to be kept away from the more phallic vegetables). I have seen others wonder where it came from and it is good to know. I found the relevant paragraph but I have no knowledge of Arabic and the Google translation is incredibly difficult to read.

    You say this was a personal experience of the author but doesn’t that still mean that it was an Imam that said it as opposed to just an ordinary believer? I never said that it was a official declaration, merely that someone had made the claim and that still seems to be true.

  3. Thanks for your reply. What I am saying is, this piece of news was taken out of its contest and that made it something which it’s not:

    First of all, it sounded that it was recent, though actually it goes back to 2008.

    Secondly, It’s a personal incident of a guy who heard some Imam in some mosque saying it and a couple people mocking him on the spot. At least to me, this is totally different from “fatwas” or “rulings” that bigger Islamic institutions come up with. We also know that not every Imam taking the lead in any prayers in a mosque has to be a scholar, but actually I can be an Imam to and lead a prayer if I wanted to.

    So I believe taking the story from its context, making it look much bigger than what it is and not even providing a real source of it, is all reasons to make disregard this piece as a real piece of news. But maybe that’s just me anyway. I just felt that I should share the actual source.

    Finally, Muslim scholars can actually come up with pretty fucked up statements and on a much bigger scale (such as the one who talked about how a female should breast feed her male colleague if they have to work alone, or how it’s not against religion to have sex with your wife’s dead corps) … we have heard much worse than this and I am not here to defend how Islam sees women cause I do agree that the Middle Eastern culture in general with religion included do undermine women quite often.

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