The UFO cover-up

For some strange reason a UFO piece was published as a science story on News24. I can only imagine that it was a slow news day because there isn’t anything scientific about UFO conspiracy theorists because it lacks evidence. Meaning there is no reason to take it’s claims seriously.

Herschel insisted that it would only be a matter of time before there was irrefutable evidence for alien beings visiting Earth.

That really doesn’t say anything and could apply to anything. Sam makes the point extremely well in his comment.

I’ve written a book about how there’s a massive worldwide coverup to prevent the truth about fairies and hob goblins getting out. Like Herschel’s book it also contains loads of speculation, wild theories and no evidence. I’ve also created a chapter called “Irrefutable Evidence” where I explain that some day there will be irrefutable evidence.

Personally, yes, I think there are aliens but that’s an opinion that I won’t go around claiming as a fact or that they visit us. I believe there are aliens because the universe is so huge that even if life is extremely improbable it should have happened more than once. Just because there are things in the sky that we aren’t sure of doesn’t mean that it’s aliens. When I hear strange noises at night I don’t assume they are vampires just because I don’t know exactly what caused them. I will only claim that vampires exist with sufficient evidence, and an event of unknown origin does not suffice.

He said that extraterrestrials were concerned with suffering on Earth, but were prevented from making direct contact with humanity by world elites.

“The most important thing that the elite of the world are trying to cover up is an official visitation by them. They do not want them to show themselves because it will bring in peace and order and stability and no profiteering.”

Really? Once again there’s no evidence for this but it isn’t even believable. If aliens have travelled here from another solar system they will have technology far surpassing our own. There is no way any ‘world elite’ would be able prevent them from making direct contact. This claim looks even more ridiculous when you remember that these people believe aliens have been visiting us for thousands of years. Even if we could accept that the modern world was able to keep aliens at bay it doesn’t explain why the aliens didn’t settle on Earth at any point in our past. If they were concerned about human suffering why didn’t they stop many wars, famines, diseases and disasters from devastating humanity? The world elite would’ve had no power back then.

The history of our own species doesn’t exactly lend support to the ‘world elite’ explanation. When European explorers went to Africa and America they weren’t kept away by the native elite. They settled down and had a huge influence on what happened, though not as benign an influence as these aliens will reportedly have.

While the existence of aliens is certainly possible the groups that claim they have visited us have no evidence to offer. With no evidence there is no reason to accept their claims, there isn’t even any justification for them holding their beliefs in the first place. Frankly it’s appalling that such an article was published in the science section. The claims of UFO conspiracy theorists are science fiction, not science fact.


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